Motor and ESC installed. I probably could have put the ESC somewhere less conspicuous, but electrics of this size are non existent in the club I fly with, so I ant this to be a demonstrator as well as its other duties.

Props on order, hobbyshops don't typically carry 18" electric props. In case you're wondering, props that big are really freaking expensive compared to their little brothers. My current largest 2 blade is a 12", it costs ~$3-$4. The 18" electric is $12. Doesn't sound like much, but considering that props are very easily broken, it could get pricey in a hurry. Eventually I'll probably run a gas wood prop, but not until I know I won't break it (those are close to $20).

For reference, this is what the plane looked like with a gas motor. With that motor it weight about 15 pounds 5 ounces, it has a top wing span of 70" and a lower wing span of 62.5". The plane next to it has a 60" wingspan and weighs around 3 pounds