SCENE: IM family homestead, circa 2017 in Fresno, California. A married couple is enjoying a cup of coffee at their outdoor bar on a warm summer morning.

MRS. IM: Honey, we have a lot of cars.

MR. IM: Nah, we are fine.

MRS. IM: We are getting that truck, and I am concerned about where to put it. We need to make room in the car port. Let’s do that today.

MR. IM: That is not a lot of cars. Plenty of people have some cars.


MRS. IM: We are cleaning up and making room.

MR. IM: Yes, dear.


MRS. IM: We have just enough space. Good thing we don’t have any more cars.

MR. IM: [gulp] Good thing!



Stay tuned!