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Making the best of a 600 mile trip through tornadoes

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Let me begin by saying my boyfriend promised to drive all the from where we live in northern VA to Greensboro, NC to pick up our best friend for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, a few days ago his LS began to knock and has been parked until we can fix it. I was stuck driving the whole trip in my cramped 2004 Hyundai Accent. I brought my Motorola Droid with Torque Pro to make the best of it since we were going to be driving through intense storms down hundreds of miles of highway. Plug in OBDII-BlueTooth adapter. Suction cup mount to windshield. Plug in phone charger. Open Torque Pro and configure RacingMeter plugin for maximum hypermile. $46.88 for gas and food for the whole round trip. Gotta do it again Saturday night to drop him off again The whole trip back and forth felt like a constant 60-80mph 1000km endurance race.



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