Making the best of it

So my 4 year old daughter and I were both diagnosed simultaneously with two different gastrointestinal disorders, requiring lifelong changes to diet and/or medication. So now we have to provide food at day care (they, of course, will not decrease our bill by a corresponding amount). When I dropped her off today, her teacher said they were having a picnic outside with sandwiches. I didn’t want her to feel left out, so I went home, made her a sandwich she could eat instead of her lunch, and brought it back. When I did, the teacher said a mother had brought in cupcakes for her kids birthday. Home again, grab a cupcake she could eat, and go back.

Did I take the Miata each time? Of course.

Did I take a lap through the underground parking garage to hear the exhaust echo and reverberate? Of course.


Did I burn my hand on my new shift knob, since it’s a million degrees outside? Of course.

Seen here with new leather boots with matching stitching

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