Convertible season is rapidly coming to a close here in Pennsylvania. Some might say that it actually ended about 8 weeks ago, but those people would be wrong.

According to the Miata owner’s manual, you should not operate the convertible top at temps below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets brittle, and it’s more prone to tears. The top is original, and the car is 23 years old, so I try to make sure it’s at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit before enjoying any top down driving. So when I saw that it would be in the low 50's today, I knew what I had to do. Here are a few pics from my 5 hour adventure:

The all important Wawa stop before setting off.
Can you believe that people were crazy enough to go skiing on such a warm day?
The drive included about 10 miles of gravel roads on the way to a boulder field.
I decided it was a good day for a trip to the boulder field. I was not the only person with this idea.
At the base of the Weatherly Hillclimb. I drove up and down the course. It is absurd considering that it’s a public road.
Flagstaff PA, in front of a closed banquet hall.
I’d like this picture a lot more if that log wasn’t in the way.
The view from Flagstaff, looking towards Jim Thorpe PA.
Again, needs less log.
I will never get tired of those headlights.
This car is ready for a bath after today.
Looking back towards Palmerton PA.
My house is through that gap in the mountains, and then another 20 or so miles south.

It’s been several years since I bought the Miata, and all it takes is one good day behind the wheel to remind me why I love this car. I bought my Fiat 500 a few months ago to take over commuting duties, and hopefully that helps extend the life span of the Miata for years to come.

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