On New Years’ Eve I was in Nashville, TN and stopped by the Lane Motor Museum, after reading about it on Jalopnik some time ago (“Here’s the best motor museum you’ve never heard of” or similar). $9 well spent, I would definitely reccomend it to any Jalops/Opponauts.

I took a whole bunch of snaps and have posted a few on my flickr here, but for your monday delectation here are a few of my favourites.

Right off the bat this RenaultSport Spider was in the car park, with bonus Avantime content in the background.

Liquid yellow is almost certainly my favourite ever OEM colour.

Push-me-Pullez-vous 2CV, bonkers!


The double-deuxchevuex was a replica of a car built by a fire deparment in France, who needed a car which was as fast and manouvreable going backwards as it was going forwards!

The JDM corner was awesome, with this S600:


Parked next to a teeny-tiny Toyota sports coupe (whose name I’ve forgotten):

There was a good collection of Borgwards also.


And the Hoffman that tried to kill Jason:

And finally, one more Red car whose name I’ve forgotten. 1000 internet points for you if you can ID it!


Like I said, good day out for any discerning car hipster!