This is a 2005 Proton Saga LMST. The Saga LMST was introduced in 2003 and made until 2008. That doesn’t sound that weird, until you realise that it’s actually basically just a bodykit slapped onto a first gen Saga, a car that was introduced all the way back in 1985.

You can actually go back even farther, because the first gen Saga was based off the Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore, introduced in 1983.

The Saga wasn’t the only case of the Malaysian car industry doing this though. There was also the Perodua Kancil (known overseas as the Nippa).


The Kancil was sold from 1994 to 2009, with only a few minor revisions. It was based off the 3rd gen Daihatsu Mira, which was introduced in 1990.


Then there was the 2002-2010 Jumbuck, a coupe utility that was based off the Proton Wira, which was based off the fourth gen Mitsubishi Lancer/Mirage/Eagle Summit. This wasn’t even only sold in Malaysia. In fact, it’s the only Proton to actually fare better in export markets (mainly Australia, because no shit).