seen here in Russia (supposedly to be built there from 2003)

1 of 5 (possibly more but who knows) built some time from 1995-1998 by Millard Design Australia (now owned by Venture Industries) - Knoxfield,Melbourne.

Created for Indonesian national car project but was killed off by Asian financial crisis in ‘97 and the fall of the Suharto government in ‘98.

Plus the Indonesian’s ended up choosing the Kia Sephia and rebadging it as a Timor but were criticised of cronyism and nepotism due to the Timor being 100% imported at the start instead of local production and avoiding import taxes/duties, while other companies notably Toyota had invested in Indonesia to avoid paying taxes/duties.


Powered by 2-stroke 3-cylinder Orbital Engine Company power plant.

(poor quality video) link :

As for the whereabouts of the cars? i contacted Venture Industries and received an email from Dean Lomas (director) stating some went to the USA (are they still in the USA? in a barn? in any museum?) and the others were not kept as they were in poor condition.


Also tried sending it abroad to Russia hoping to be on sale from approximately 2003 on (nothing eventuated)

edit: discovered this evening (08 Feb 2019) that Gary Millard of Millard Design died of spine cancer 9 June 2017


the Maleo was based on a X3 Hyundai Excel (Pony in some markets)

one was re-engineered to left hand drive, then sent to Russia

sadly all prototypes were stored in a Campbellfield factory (Melbourne Victoria northern suburb) and later destroyed

Millard Design, Scoresby studio
Photo: Paul Beranger (Crayon to CAD book (ISBN 9780646978383))

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