A man accused of having dumped "moose urine" on three display vehicles, two management cars and a tire depot at a Mazda dealership in St-Félicien during a prolonged labour dispute in 2014 will get more than $20,000 in damages and legal fees from the Chicoutimi car dealers' association, a Superior Court judge has ruled.

Judge Simon Ruel said the association offered no proof that Martin Delisle did what it claimed. The car-cleaning bills submitted as evidence not only failed to support allegations Delisle committed vandalism and therefore was in contempt of a judge's order from 2013, they had no link at all to the supposed offence, Judge Ruel said.

Canada is such an amazing country. Theoretically moose urine is probably not too hard to obtain since Canada suffers no shortage of dead moose....but who would go to the trouble?? Also...how exactly did they know it was moose urine and not deer urine, or dog urine or even his own urine. These questions were not answered specifically and thus the court awarded the defendant both costs and damages.