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Breaking news out of Idaho! For a lack of anything else, Idaho State Police are now profiling drivers over which license plate they have. Because clearly everyone from Colorado is totally baked.

Amid recent allegations from junior Jalopnik correspondent Doug DeMuro that nothing noteworthy ever happens in Idaho, new reports out of the Gem State detail a federal lawsuit claiming "license plate profiling". Suck it, DeMuro.


70-year-old Darien Roseen has two homes, in Washington state and Colorado. He was returning from his daughter's baby shower, but after crossing the Oregon/Idaho border he was immediately pulled over.

"Immediately after Mr. Roseen passed his location, Trooper Klitch pulled out from the Interstate median, rapidly accelerating to catch up with Mr. Roseen's vehicle"

This poor guy knew he hadn't done anything wrong, so he had a feeling something was up.

"After Mr. Roseen identified his possession of valid prescription medications, Trooper Klitch asked him, 'When is the last time you used any marijuana?' thereby assuming that Mr. Roseen had, in fact, used marijuana and inferring that he had used it recently"


Roseen found himself in the back of a police cruiser and was read his Miranda rights. Despite being told he was not under arrest, he still ended up charged with "inattentive/careless driving" for bumping a curb while pulling over. If he wasn't under arrest, why was he read his Miranda rights?

Roseen is now seeking punitive damages for constitutional violations. And presumably because Trooper Buzz Killington was totally harshing his mellow.


Colorado legalized skunky nuggets in late 2012, thereby giving police a reason to profile you when travelling out of state. Apparently just having a Colorado tag on your vehicle makes you look like a couch-locked bleary-eyed pothead.

So Colorado residents beware. Whether you are possessing the sticky icky or not — they are in fact out to get you, man.


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