Man Buys Bus, Shares To Forum, Forum Rips It Apart

As the title says, a man bought a 1959 23 window Samba VW bus for $135,000 at a recent Mecum auction. He shares his new purchase with The Samba, and that’s when it gets interesting.

Not actual bus, but this photo was better than his

The forum first starts asking about the indicator semaphores, since they are out of place on a USDM bus of that year. It continues on for 11 pages (so far) asking for more photos, and experts rip it apart and identify every bit of the bus that is NOT from a 1959.


23 Window buses trade for a lot more money than their lesser-window brothers, and it appears this one was cobbled together and converted to a 23 window bus.

Not sure if Mecum is going to help him or not.

Must keep reading.

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