I got a call from BMW Financial about lease-end options on my 135is, and learned that I might be on the hook for $1200 worth of run-flat tires if I keep the car until the end of the lease in June. So, I’ve started looking for an Infiniti G37xS coupe to trade it in on now, and avoid buying tires.

I know y’all had a bunch of suggestions like Audi S4s and VW Golf Rs and whatnot when I asked for alternatives to the G37xS coupe, but none that appealed to me were really in the same price ballpark. So, I’m pretty dang sure I’m going G37xS coupe.

Sharp readers may have noticed that the car above is a G37S convertible, which only is available in rear wheel drive. More on this in a moment.

As is often the case when looking for a rather specific used car, there are no Infiniti G37xS coupes here in Madison, WI. There are a few regular G37x coupes, but none with the sport package. Last night I found a blue CPO G37xS coupe at a dealer in the Chicago suburbs, and clicked the “get e-price” button on their website hoping to be connected to a mythical internet sales department who would give me the bottom-line price right away.


Hoo boy, nope, that didn’t happen at all. I did this clicking “get e-price” from my phone in a grocery store parking lot and then drove off to the gym, thinking they’d just email and I’d reply at some point. But instead, within 2 minutes, maybe quicker, a sales guy called me and started talking about how they have not 1 but 3 blue G37xS coupes, and starts saying prices.

“There’s one that’s $35k...there’s one that’s $28k....” I stopped him right there, and asked him why he’s telling me $35k when the car I clicked on was $28k on their website. “Well we have 3 blue ones, the most in the nation, the prices are different because of the miles.” I asked if all 3 are all wheel drive coupes with the sport package. “We have 3 blue ones, the most in the nation.” This went round and round a couple more times until finally I told him he wasn’t making any sense talking about a $35k car when I clicked on a $28k car, I was driving, and just email me.


So I get home after my workout, and check my email. There are 2 cars, with the exact same damn prices as are listed on their website. They are two blue 2-door G37s, one the G37xS coupe that I clicked the “get e-price” button for, and the $35k car he was talking about is the car in the picture at the top of this post, a rear wheel drive G37S convertible.

What the fuck man? I asked you “is it an all wheel drive coupe with the sport package” like 4 different times, and it’s a goddamn rear wheel drive convertible! And what the fuck is the point of getting an e-price if you’re going to email me the exact same prices as are on the website? Isn’t the e-price supposed to be some different number?


I emailed him back that no, I don’t want a rear wheel drive convertible, I want an all wheel drive coupe with sport package, and since I’m in Madison, I want his absolute lowest numbers on the car that actually is the one I want. This morning, he called me (I didn’t answer) and emailed me to call him, and asked if I’m driving to Chicago today, as if I’d just do that for shits and giggles without first working out a price.

I really try my hardest to be as straightforward as possible when dealing with car sales people, and yet they manage to fuck up the most simple of things ALL THE TIME.


This car search is getting off to a great start.