A Florida man was killed when he crashed into a fire hydrant, got sucked into a hole under his car and drowned, according to a report.

Robert Dreyer, 89, stepped out of his Mercedes after the Wednesday morning crash and was pulled under his car as gallons of water from the broken hydrant gushed out, WFTV reported.

The water created a five- to six-foot deep hole in the ground, which somehow sucked in the octogenarian — who was unable to be rescued by motorists who stopped to help.

“We just see that water gushing out and it gets to the point that it’s hitting all those palm trees on the side of the road,” witness Pedro Rodriguez told the station. “And my boss yelled at us to bring the car down the road.”

Rodriguez believes that Dreyer was under the water for three or four minutes before he could be pulled out.


He later died in the hospital.

Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Channing Taylor told the outlet that the hydrant’s safety valve was likely damaged during the smash-up.

“Usually the fire hydrants will break off and they won’t spew water; they have safety valves in place,” he said. “But if you hit something the right way, the safety doesn’t work.”