Man from Kotaku goes to buy car, spends at least $36,000 on a Nissan Sentra.

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Did you guys see that?!? How on earth do you end up spending $500/month on a 72 month loan for a Nissan Sentra? I did the Build and Price for a Sentra on Nissan’s website and the most I could make it cost was $26,322, and that was with the top SL trim level, and every single option selected, including:

Rear Decklid Spoiler$340
Splash Guards (4-piece set)$190
Protection Package$360
Carpeted Trunk and Floor Mats$180
Illuminated Kick Plates$350
Hideaway Trunk Net$55
Sill Plate Protector$65
Body Side Moldings$120
Clear Rear Bumper Protector$70
Nose Mask$120
Moonroof Wind Deflector$75
Wheel Locks$65
Vehicle Cover$115
Vehicle Cover Cable Lock$11
License Plate Frames$35
Nissan Valve Stem Caps (4-piece set)$12
Nissan Chrome License Plate Frame and Valve Stem Caps Package$40
Interior Accent Lighting$200
Carpeted Floor Mats$125
All-season Floor Mats$110
Carpeted Trunk Mat$70
Trunk Protector$100
Emergency Road Kit$66
First Aid Kit$26
Air Bag Anti-Theft Bolts$11
Seat Belt Extender$46
Family Travel Clean-up Kit$20

All of that completely pointless and unneeded nonsense added up to only $2,977.

What on earth is Mike Fahey doing? That guy has to be a car salesman’s wettest of wet dreams.


Mike, please come explain exactly what happened, because I am very concerned. I think we here at Oppo can help you avoid getting that screwed over in the future.

EDIT: It was pointed out that he said he spent this much 20 years ago, which means he spent the equivalent of $56,000 in today’s money on a Nissan Sentra. According to Car and Driver, a 1995 Nissan Sentra GXE had a base price of $13,839, and if you wanted ABS, you could spend an extra $995. My mind boggles.

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