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Man. I’ve Got Sockets.

I received my billet aluminum socket trays from Westling Machine today, and they’ve organized up my box something fierce. Metric on the left, standard on the right...only sockets I didn’t have room for were 1 5/16 standard and 29-32 metric. I might order a blank tray from them for the big guys, but they’ll be used rarely enough I’ll likely just squirrel them away in the bottom drawer.

Also! I’m still working on my pegboard wall, but I wanted to show you fine folks the section I like to call “The Wall of Leverage”.


There will also be a 1/2 drive flex head long handle ratchet in that long empty spot on the left, and two more pry bars next to that big bastard there. I’ve also got another tool storage rack that I hope I can use for 1/4 drive ratchets, because then all my ratchets, breaker bars, and torque wrenches will be on the wall and I think that’s neat.

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