‘68 Chevelle post car. Before any of the toys he’s got now, my Pappaw had one in the 80s. Originally a I6/Powerglide car, he shoved in a very wicked 350 (He says it was supposedly 425 horses, but felt like way more, but, well.... I’ll stick with 425) and a 4 speed, and I’d imagine a 4.10 rear gear. Said 350 would later be put into his ‘83 Camaro, which would later catch fire and burn to the ground. The engine, and both the 4 speed that was in the Chevelle, and the TH350 from the Camaro, are in his garage to this day.


Now, his Chevelle was a different shade of blue, more like this:

And rather than Torq Thrusts, he ran Cragar G/Ts


According to him, it was a real wicked car. I can imagine it roaring through a pair of glasspacks right now. Mmmm.

I’ve been really wanting to build a tribute car. Damn my lack of funds, space, AND time!

The 350 in its present state.
Photo: My phone

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