Corporate came down from above and sold off the location that was also an oil change place. The manager now runs a stand alone car wash and he and I get along really well. I miss the discounts on the ultra platinum oil as well as filters. Ultra platinum oil change + intake air filter + cabin air filter = 80$. I don’t think I can buy the supplies for this for that price let alone have it all done for free in winter.

Sadly, time moves on. I asked an oil change place that shares a parking lot with another of our car washes if they do discounts but they are corporate owned by Valvoline so there’s some dick measuring that goes on every time it gets brought up. I’m hoping I can schmooze their managers a bit and see if I cant cheese out some discounts for myself and the other employees in exchange for some *coughcough*TestingAndValidation*coughcough* of our premium car wash passes.


Yellow car for your time.

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