That’s more like it.

This one was a weird one. Heard a crash last night around quarter past 11. Went outside in time to see a dark sedan with heavy front end damage drive off. After a minute or so of checking parked cars for damage we found this Buick. The impact had pushed the car forward 20 feet and flattened two of the tires (left rear, right front). Owner is asleep in bed, so we wake him up and call the cops.

A few minutes later the guilty car returns. He sees there’s people now on the scene and guns it down the street, blowing a stop sign in the process. It’s shift change so the cops are taking forever, I go poking through the crash debris and find the missing car’s front license plate and a fender liner identifying it as a 06-08 Lexus IS250/350.


45 minutes. Still no cops. But I spot the smashed Lexus moving slow down the cross street I’d seen him on when I first came outside. He stashes the car in a driveway (which turns out to be his driveway), and starts casually walking that part of the street, keeping his distance from us and the Buick as if he knows nothing about it. I’m guessing someone in his family told him there were no cops so he decided to risk coming home. He’s talking too loud on his phone, and I can hear him say something about how he needs to find his license plate. I take that as my cue to take the plate and wait inside.

After more than an hour the cops come. I give them the plate and point out the location of the smashed Lexus. They go over, have a long talk with the driver, then they all have a long talk with the Buick owner. I don’t know what was said because I’d gone back inside, but they seemed to all part ways amicably at the end.

This makes three crashes here in two weeks, including two involving parked cars.