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Man tired of German cars now owns another German car :(

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That brings the tally to 10. A quick story about the car before I go to lunch. Side note, this will be the first I’ve went out to lunch at work in like 4 years.


This car is a.... not sure what year VW New Beetle. It is a 2 liter heater with a manual. The car was my grandma’s ride before she got her minivan 4 months ago.

The car has been sitting for those 4 months because it was stuck in 1st gear. She had it for sale at $500. I went over and tried to get it unstuck. It wouldn’t budge. My grandma finally said if I wanted, I could have it. I said yes but had to get it towed to my house.


The tow truck driver had to move it just a tad to get it on some rollers. All of a sudden I heard a snap and the car was unstuck. At the moment, I need to put all the shifter stuff all together and get a battery for it. My jump box magically disappeared for the millionth time as they all do, right OPPO techs?

My plan is to give it a good look through and get it to goodish shape. I think I could get maybe $1200 once in good nick. I’ll split it with my grandma unless I like the car and keep it for a while :]

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