Manual be damned! I want a green car.

Well, when I say green car, I mean E9X.

I don’t care that this E90 is the least powerful US-spec E90, or the fact that it’s 13 years old, or that its done 175k miles, or that it’s an auto. All I care about the fact that it’s green and I want it. We’ve talked about this before.


I don’t really like the taillights either, which is why I only seriously shopped 2009-2011 E90 M3s when I was M3 shopping. This car will be forgiven because it’s green.

It’s also got the interior color I would want paired with that wonderful exterior. Also ignore the fact that this dealer is probably shady. I still want it.


So who wants to give me 4k so I can get this? I can’t buy another E9X with my own money, but it someone gives me the money? I think I can swing that. 

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