Item 1: quirky folk bait: a B3 Alpina 3.0

I’ve seen one alleged Alpina in person, it was maybe a 7-series. But this is pretty cool. Love the wheels.

Item 2: E90M3 & Archduke (& also HFV) bait — this 128i M-sport package


Interior needs some polishing, but I know people love these and I suspect they’ll just keep getting more and more expensive used.

Item 3: “I like M cars but don’t like the idea of owning one” folk bait - 228i M-sport


Blue with two-tone interior hnnnnng. Am I wrong for liking the 2-series?

And speaking of 2..

Item 4: Well, there you go... no bait... M235i convertible


There are countless BMWs on the road in my corner of the country. But I only just know learned that they made a 2-series convertible. And apparently, at least one person bought one! But hey, it’s a modern manual convertible. More than you can say for Mercedes or Lexus...

Item 5: “thatguythathadanE36M3solditthengotaGTIlaterandneverpostshereanymore” bait — E36 M3


Is there any E36 left on the road that don’t have dubious mods? Looks like the wheels will rub if you load a few grocery bags. But hey, no (maybe) rust!


Item 6: “I shouldn’t like these but I almost do” — Z4 Coupe 3.0i

Oooooh check out that first-gen R8!


Cargo capacity: 10.1 cubic feet. [heavy breathing.png]

Item 7: “But I don’t have ‘fuck you’ monies” — M6 coupe


The colors, children! THE COLORS!

And finally...

Item 8: Everybody-bait... CLOWNSHOE!


Will these ever be affordable again? Hummmm no. You could save a penny and get this hardtop, which I suspect will never increase in value like anything compared to the coupe...