A Ford Focus no less. Time for a brief review.

After a lot of short term contracts my employer finally gave me a real contract. For my job I visit a lot of clients in the agricultural sector. A consequence of the contract was that I was forced to trade my lucrative mileage compensation for my private car for a company car. Sadly. I had the choice between 3 different cars, unused cars with 2 digits on the odometer that were over a year old. Black manual diesel Focus wagon, silver manual diesel Focus wagon or beige-ish grey manual diesel Focus wagon (dark mica stone). Because silver and black are too common I went for the latter, in Titanium trim. Behold, here it is:

As you can see it's a nicely practical transportation appliance. My bicycle could fit without removing a wheel and with the hatch closed.


So, as an appliance it's great. How's the rest?


  • Quiet. Less than 2000 rpm at highway speed (120 kmh) in 6th gear.
  • Lots of options.
  • Practical.


  • My 15 year old Peugeot 406 coupe is simply a better car. Faster, more comfortable, sportier, lower fuel costs (LPG fuel conversion) and probably more reliable too, given the 0 problems in the last almost 80k km. It's 15 years old. The Focus is newish and depreciates more in half a year than the whole 406 is worth. The Peugeot shouldn't win, but it does.
  • The seats. My god, the seats. I might be spoiled by my future classic Peugeots, but even in this luxury Titanium trim the Focus seats suck. Hard, unsupportive, not very adjustable and just not comfortable.
  • Ergonomy. The navigation controls are horrid, as is the rest of the entertainment system. With your elbow resting on the door you can't comfortably adjust the indicators stack and cruise control buttons, which is something I do all the time in the 406.
  • Odd options. Push button start, but what's the point when you have to physically lock and unlock the car? Powered and heated mirrors that don't fold automatically. Shitty and poorly adjustable seats, yet it can park itself.


I'm not a fan. New it was ‚ā¨27500. Had it been my money and had it cost 20% of that I still would've walked away. I'm not going to drive this Focus privately, as it's just not worth the cost. The 406 will stay daily driver, the Focus will be responsible for work related trips only.

The three vehicles I drive frequently, two Peugeots and the shitbox:


Odometer reading when I got it last week: