Manual gearbox nerdism maxed out!

Ok, so I have a modern car, with a proper synchomesh gearbox. Also, I don't particulaly race my little 92 horse turbodiesel. I don't need to do any boutique stuff when doing the Three Pedal Dance. Yet, having said all that, this morning I pretty much geeked out when I performed a flawless double clutched blipped heel-and-toe rev-matched downshift!

Wait, a what?

  • Get off the throttle
  • Apply brakes (and keep applied untill fully completing gear change)
  • Turn in for the corner
  • Clutch in
  • Pull out of gear into neutral
  • Clutch out
  • Blip throttle to sync gearbox
  • Clutch in
  • Put into lower gear
  • Blip throttle again to rev match
  • Clutch out
  • Ease of brake pedal
  • Hello apex!
  • Apply throttle
  • Steer out

Yeah, all that while taking a flowing 90 degree left turn. It's a rhythmic coordinated sequence which takes, between the first clutch in and last clutch out, about a second, or perhaps a little bit more.


And most of it is utterly unnecessairy.

Yet, having said that, being elaborate like this means that moving the gearshift is buttery smooth and light (the synchro mesh doesn't have to do its thing so there is no added resistance in the throw) and the transition from driving, braking-while-downshifting and back to driving is completely continuous.

Yes of course I was grinning like a maniac because I executed it perfectly!

In other news, also this morning: I've hit the ton (in kilometers, not miles)

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