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Manual Possibly Thwarts Thieves Again

So I get a call from a random number in my hometown and it’s my mom calling from somebody else’s phone. Her super sweet 1994 Saturn SL2 was stolen with her cell phone inside. Because the phone is on my account, I call T-Mobile to see if they can track it. They send me to this $10/month service (gee, thanks) they offer, which at least has a 30-day free trial. Great, do it.

No dice. Phone is off. I cancel the line.

A bit later I call the house to see how my mom is doing. My dad tells me that he went to pick her up, they talked to the police, then went to go home and saw the car sitting at a gas station down the street. The phone was still there, but a bag was stolen that didn’t have much of value in it (except an expired license of my mother’s). They flag down the officer they just talked to and let him know the car is there.


So now if this piece of human garbage just wanted the bag, you’d think they would break in and take it, but leave the car. I think they gave it a shot, but realized they couldn’t get far in a manual. Whatever the reason, I’m glad they got their car back.

Also, who steals a car you can get on Craigslist for $500?

Fuck thieves.

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