I have never had much respect for the manual shifting automatics, as all of the ones I’ve driven were shit. The Porsche Tiptronic, Audi Tiptronic (both ZF units), and whatever Land Rover called theirs. The shifters only ever gave the semblance of control, but were quick to dive back in to control up or down shifts. Not to mention the lag was so bad, it wasn’t worth.

This changed when I test drove a 2017 Chevy SS last weekend. While I was hoping to drive a manual, the dealer only had an automatic. To my surprise, the manual shift was actually pretty nice. Up and downshifts were done quickly, with a nice little rev match on the down shifts, you could bog the engine by being in too high of a gear, and you could also take it to redline. Since this is an actual GM transmission that’s been in use since 2005, I was very impressed. Not that it changed my desire for a manual, but it certainly made me more open to the idea

Which leads me to the question at hand. What other auto-only performance vehicles that I’ve dismissed should be reconsidered? I have to imagine GM isn’t the only one to have made a truly nice manual shifting automatic.


So what else is good? Lexus GS/IF/RC, AMG, Jaguar?

Note: I realize a DCT will shift very fast compared to a torque converter auto, but you just don’t see them much outside of ultra expensive vehicles.

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