This looks like it would be so much fun until something breaks.


Very Rare

This car is in great condition. The 4.2 V8 makes great power and low-end torque, and the 6-speed transmission with RS4-style clutch and short shifter really wakes it up. This combination was available overseas but not in the US! The lowered suspension is tight with responsive speed-sensitive steering. The comfortable, supportive seats are all heated. Comes with an Alcantara headliner!

Installed on the car are OEM S6 Avus wheels with 10mm spacers and General Altimax Arctic snow tires with 8/32" remaining. Also included in the sale are OEM RS4 wheels with high-performance all-season tires with 5/32"-8/32" tread remaining.

This car is fantastic in all weather!


- Rear brakes - rotors and pads - replaced at 167,000 miles
- Alignment at 165,000 miles
- Suspension installed at 165,000 miles; included new rear sway bar end links
- Front driver side wheel bearing replaced at 164,000 miles
- PCV valve replaced at 154,500 miles
- Radiator replaced at 153,500 miles
- Timing belt and water pump replaced at 143,500 miles
- Front lower control arms replaced at 141,000 miles
- Alignment at 134,000 miles
- Manual transmission conversion completed at 120,500 miles
- Coolant tank and cap replaced at 118,500 miles
- Oil cooler pipe replaced with metal unit as well as associated gaskets (VERY labor-intensive job) at 115,500 miles
- Valve cover gaskets replaced at 103,500 miles
- Front upper control arms replaced at 102,500 miles


- Wood trim wrapped with 3M gloss black vinyl
- Pioneer navigation system with handsfree, DVD, and iPod functionality (OEM included)
—- Also Infinity front speakers
- LED lighting
- Hardwired for Valentine/Beltronics/Escort radar detector
- Hardwired with micro USB for device charging
- Additional 12V power connections added under center armrest
- Worn “soft touch” buttons/surfaces replaced in some areas, such as climate control, headlight switch, mirror control
- All-weather mats included; also has a partition/pet net, cargo net, trunk privacy cover, and retractable screen for the rear window

- RS6 front grille
- Two sets door blades - Aluminum Allroad and S6 (Allroad currently installed)
- 35% window tint
- LED license plate lighting (OEM available)
- Front lip (can be removed)
- Headlights have clear corners, lenses recently sealed

- 6-speed manual transmission with JHM rebuild
- JHM short shifter trio
- JHM RS4-style clutch kit
- 034 Motorsport transmission mounts
- *ECU and immobilizer fully coded to work with 6-speed. European S6 flash used. Everything works as intended*

- New OEM springs
- Bilstein Sport dampers

- Stern motor mounts
- Mufflers removed and replaced with Magnaflow units; great V8 noise, not too loud
- Notorious oil cooler pipe replaced with metal unit
- Notorious intake manifold linkages replaced with metal units at 117,000 miles
- *Rare spare intake manifold included in sale*
- Airbox perforated towards the front-bottom corner


- This is a fantastic car and needs nothing. It is well cared for and has some critical improvements. It is one of the cleanest C5 Audi’s out there and everything WORKS. No CEL’s, no rattles, no worn soft-touch buttons.
- Included with the asking price are summer wheels/tires and multiple spares at a value of $1000+.
- The exterior does have some signs of wear/tear, but overall minimal for this age. I would rate the exterior 8/10 and the interior 9/10.

Any questions please let me know

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