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Manual trans diagnosis help

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Partner’s 2004 Scion xA lots all gears in the manual transmission today. Shifting feels normal, and linkages move properly on the transmission, but everything is neutral. Se describes the moment of failure as such:


“It was dodgy shifting up to highway speed, as if I missed 3rd and didn’t have a problem the second time, but after it broke none of them worked. There was quite the shudder in the shifter. (Vibrated but not visibly) . The clutch felt like it didn’t unclutch in the trying for 5th gear.”

Clutch pedal feels fine to me, but she describes it as “like a playground spring”, so it seems wrong to the person who drives it all the time. Slave cylinder definitely moves out when clutch is depressed, but doesn’t seem to retract fully. I can push the end of the clutch fork and it will retract further, but at no point does it act like it is in gear with the clutch out, and I’m not sure I am getting it to full retraction.


So in order of probability I’m guessing:

1) throwout bearing

2)clutch plate/springs

3)sticking slave cylinder or other hydraulic issue.

4)internal transmission failure.

Does that seem right to people? Any guesses or other diagnosis I can do to narrow it down before I pull the trans?


Also, anyone in Rhode Island have an engine hoist I can borrow? Mine is in CT.

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