I have a bone to pick with online auto sales websites. If you’re going to offer the option to search by transmission type then for the love of Chris Farley don’t allow automatics to be listed as manuals when they have a tip-tronic or some other BS option. DSG? Maybe. But a regular old PRNDL with a side-stepping quasi-manual gear selector that no one probably ever uses anyway? THIS IS NOT A MANUAL.

OK so maybe it’s not Autotrader’s fault. And sometimes these internet sales guys just don’t really care, they want views. So put in some generic ad copy about the model, one sentence about this specific one, and check off all the boxes, manual, whatever. Throw in a CYA disclaimer that ‘some information may be inaccurate’ and call it a day. That’s what most of the 17 “manual” 2007 BMW X3s look like on Autotrader right now. Of which maybe four actually have 3 pedals.

At least this led me to some great ‘used car ad copy’ lines. My favorite includes some amazing BS and questionable analysis that I just have to share, with my comments and emphasis included:

A BMW with as few miles as this one is a rare find. [86,000?]...non-stop traction for your non-stop lifestyle! ... In addition to the amazing traction control, you may even qualify for an insurance reduction with this AWD vehicle. [what? why?] ... A true feat of engineering, this BMW X3 3.0si has otherworldly acceleration, [on par with a modern Honda civic at about 15 lb/hp, so... otherworldly? umm.] prodigious [read: average] power and is accompanied by the prestigious reputation of BMW. Although it may not make much sense, [?!?! LOL] this vehicle will undoubtedly provide a memorable experience every time you drive it. [whatever that may be] *link to full ad here

But let’s talk about the worst offender I found today. It’s so bad I want to report it as fraudulent. The first line in the ad says, “6 speed manual!” the exclamation point further reinforcing the fact that whoever wrote the ad was clearly aware of the manual X3's rarity, and hey, we’ve got one right here! Nope, you don’t. I do. Well, my wife does I guess. It has a shifter in the middle that allows you to select between any of 6 forward gears at any time and in any order and requires the use of an extra pedal that this car doesn’t have, namely the clutch. Come on, bro. Not cool.

Lastly, let’s talk about the last line in the ad for this “6 speed manual” that will “...take you where you need to go... all you have to do is steer!” Because you certainly DON’T have to shift.