Today, in unnecessary car shopping with E90M3, we find a post-Bangle 6-series convertible just in time for fall. As with most cars featured, this is complete with the oppo-spec 6MT.


While some may not like even the post-Bangle styling, I think it’s a fantastic looking car.

At just under $27k, it’s not what you’d call cheap, but it’s not exactly expensive either. If anyone here need a drop top 6 to roll around in, I’m implore you to consider this one.


If you wondering why the frequency of unnecessary car shopping with E90M3 has gone down, it’s because I haven’t been shopping for cars like I used to. Both of my cars are paid for and it really doesn’t make sense for me to get another car anytime soon. I’ve also not been on the internet as much as I used to be, I’ve also been shopping unnecessarily for watches instead. Come to quite like the Rolex Day-Date with the Buckley dial, such as this one:


Unfortunately, like most cars I shop for, it really doesn’t make sense for me to buy something like this. So, like with the cars, this is just some more unnecessary shopping. That is, unless someone wants to give me 10k.

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