Manual vs automatic

we’ve all seen it/heard/said it. That car should only come with a manual. It takes the soul and fun out of the car with an automatic.

in my search for a Jaguar, I’ve started to wonder if some cars are ment to be automatic. Now before you guys lose your minds, and say ‘No!!! Manual all the cars’, just think for a minute. The corolla probably deserves a CTV. It really just exists to get from point A to point B as boring and efficiently as possible.


But what about the Jaguar?

If the XJ could have been, each would have had a factory installed chauffeur. The whole car is based around the idea of comfortable cruising, luxury, and arriving in classy style. Why would you want to row your own gears when you probably have someone at your house hired to wipe your ass for you? Anyway, my search/dream for a manual Jag continues.

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