No, it’s not for me. The Camaro is safely (albeit very dirty) outside my window just waiting for me to get off work and make the suspension do work. Anyway, I have this friend. Let’s call her Narcy (because she is absolutely a narcissist). She bought a brand new Nissan Rogue. I think. Maybe it was a Murano. No, it was definitely a Rogue. Anyway, she has had many many issues with this car. It would shut down and the dash board would like up like a Christmas tree, leaving her stranded. This happened multiple times. The issue? Another Rogue drove by her and caused an interference issue. What? OK, I don’t know if that’s the ACTUAL issue or this car is just fubar’d. But it is what it is and it was definitely a lemon.

The state of North Carolina where we live is traditionally hard to get a lemon law applied to a car. However, Nissan (graciously?) agreed to it and offered her a settlement. If you look at the above chart (pulled directly from Narcy’s buyback settlement agreement) it lays out the terms. She has had this vehicle for what I believe is just over a year. Has put well over 24K miles on it and they are asking her to pay a touch over $2K in difference for them to repurchase the vehicle. My question, is this reasonable?


In my personal opinion, it is. They are buying a now used car at full purchase price, plus all taxes and fees, minus rebates. They are not responsible for what she owes on her car (it shouldn’t matter to them). However, the buyback figures is about 2K less than what she owes on the automobile. I think it’s a fair buyback figure. They broke down the mileage used and the cost of that mileage. Narcy is, predictably, pissed. Calling news channels, demanding money from her friends and family and crying poor me. Again. It’s a never ending story with her, always the victim.

Though, this time, she actually has a legit problem. I’m just having a hard time justifying her claim that they are outright screwing her. What say you, Oppo? Should Nissan up their buyback game? Compensate her more for lost time with her car and a genuinely poor handling of the issue?

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