I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to write about all the car stuff I’m doing, so here you go.

I sold Big Six, it was not really a hard decision at all. The car was just too big and drank too much gas to be a daily driver, especially for a poor starving artist like me. I sold it to a guy who’s gonna turn it into a classic taxi, so I’m glad it went to a good home!


The Mustang I bought in Pennsylvania has finally been taken out of storage and brought to a garage where I can work on it, this thing needs a lot of work, including a complete drivetrain, and some rust repair. I’m going to start calling this one “Mach 12". You’ll see why. (some of you might already know why)

My ‘68 Datsun Roadster deserves some love! So I’m finally stripping all the paint off it in preparation to make it the bare metal hot rod (clear coated) that I’ve been envisioning since I discovered that the body was in such bad shape that it would never be perfect. Eventually, I’ll get some nice wheels on this baby, and maybe even think about an interior.


That’s all the news that’s fit to yell about! I’m gonna try and post more on here, I’m fairly bad about keeping up my social media presence. Gotta be more self-centred I guess!

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