There’s a camper under there somewhere, and a RallyMetro behind it

We got 9" overnight Thursday and into Friday. School was cancelled, and we were supposed to get up to 14". First thing that happened when I went outside was fall on my ass. My wife and I, and the neighbor across the street dug out and extracted the rwd Lexus belonging to the college girl from Florida renting out my neighbor’s basement. She’s super nice and plays with my daughters when they see her outside. She said, “Now I know why everyone kept saying last winter was mild!” I showed her how to turn off her traction control when she gets stuck, and put it in snow mode.

Both my snowblowers failed me, but my awesome next door neighbor saved my ass and lent me his. I’m done with these old blowers. I’m buying a battery powered one next year. I love my battery powered mower. I’m gonna go for it.

Then I went and picked up a friend of ours to teach her how to drive in snow. She’s from Mexico, and was terrified of it, but wanted to learn. Within two minutes of tossing my truck around an empty unplowed parking lot, she said, “Oh, this is actually really fun!” She did really well. Good Oppo instincts, that one.

It snowed a few more times over the weekend, including about 4" last night. I think our total since Thursday night was something like 16". It’s a proper winter now! All my basement windows are buried in snow. Our cat is very disturbed by that. I took the family out and about today. The truck is covered in salt and slush. Take this in warm weather Oppos. This is why we can’t have nice things here. Don’t even show your old Toyotas this picture, in might make an instantaneous rust hole.