Many things went south on the weekend. (repost for day crowd)

I went south to Detroit & had a great time (thanks: JimZ, ItalianJobR53, Dogapult, & Urambo Tauro). I ended up staying at a hotel in Strathroy for the night then drive home in the morning. To find out a fuel spill shut down the 4o1 (a semi flipped spilling 50,000L of jet fuel). Country roads cannot handle 401 traffic.

One more thing went south that I didn’t want too. The Honda Fit, the last phone they called me hoping to hear that it’s all ready to go. Instead it ended in me saying “Pull the plug on it, please mail me the ownership for the Juke”. Not how I hoped it go. The intrest rate the dealer told me, & they submitted the bank did not like. They told the dealer it be significantly more & with a huge down payment. It’s not what I wanted, but how it went. It’s like almost getting that highschool crush right there, then she gets away. I still have a car at least. I’m in no rush to replace the Juke, but something else would be nice.

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