Mid-day stream of consciousness/fuck off mode: On.

How suitable for a boat would a Model S powertrain be? Figure a 27-30ft single screw inboard boat, which the 250ish hp electric motor should motivate fairly well. (I’d think the high torque would be very useful in a boat)

The battery pack weighs 1,200lb which is a lot, but the combined weight of a Mercruiser 5.7 with the drive unit and the fuel tank (80gal capacity) is almost 1,300lb. Include the Tesla’s motor and it’s mostly a wash. Naturally the motor would run at a higher power setting in a boat than in a car, and I’ve no idea how much that would reduce running time on full charge but my guess is it should still last a few hours at moderate cruise speed. The marinas shore power hookup would recharge overnight. Biggest danger I can think of would be getting salt water on the battery, so it’d have to be well sealed off from the environment. There’s gotta be some crazy Colin Furze type out there that’s thought of/attempted this already, right?


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