Mario got his coin. I leveled up.

I flew twice. the first flight on an H197 motor had a burn of under a second and all went well, however, on the parachute ride wodn it was rotating a bit and the nosecone slipped out. the tape I had got too cold to hold and the cone fell. I recovered it, but a successful flight means you can shove another motor in it and go again without having to make any repairs/replecements of parts. I fopund the nose, but it was a DQ. So I stuffed an H97 in, which burned twice as long but lower thrust. Taped the nose on well, and everything went off without a hitch. Not pictured is the landing, I wasn’t able to track it iwth the camera well. But it’s a solid construction 4 inch tube diameter and about 56 inches tall and weighs about 1.3kg. A fun rocket.


Anyway, now on to level.2 in the spring. Where motors begin to be rated in hundreds of pounds of thrust.for several seconds.

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