As an HR recruiter, I spend way more time on Linkedin than any sane person should be subjected to. While it’s ostensibly for professionals, well, let’s just say the frequent posts from women complaining about harassment and sexism are justified. Extremely mild NSFW after the jump.

This picture popped up in my Linkedin feed, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first. Turns out a real-life friend of mine who I happen to be connected with on Linkedin dropped an awesome snarky comment on a typical boorish Linkedin bro, and he...didn’t get it at all.

My friend is the one female comment. I wanted very badly to like her comment but I didn’t want this picture to show up in my connections’ feed with “AtlasM liked this.” I let her know outside Linkedin though.

UPDATE: My friend texted me back,

“Hahahaha I didn’t know eeeeeeeveryone could see that shit lol. Now I know!”