Markup Much? The BMW i8

I was browsing Craigslist today and stumbled across the following listing:

This is a TRUE Collector CAR and is Brand New

  • Chrystal White Pearl White Metallic with Frozen Blue Accent
  • Pure Impulse Carum Spice Grey Full Perforated Leather
  • 20" Light Alloy Turbine Wheels
  • Anthracite Headliner
  • LED Headlights with Cornering Lights

Then it starts to get weird.....

MSRP $149,250 USD

Can Assume Lease $2,335.39/Mo. for 36 Months + Fee*

Can Purchase at Lease Buyout + Fee*

Local BMW Dealer will handle the financial transaction and title as a courtesy to seller and buyer. BMW dealer may assist in shipping.

Seller will entertain offers in excess of $225,000 for Outright Purchase-You will obtain clear title- $149,250 MSRP + $75,750 (Fee)*

Seller will entertain a lease assumption —Must Qualify and pay application fee to BMW Financial. Bids of $80,000 and above (Fee)* excluding the lease assumption will be considered. Fee paid to Seller. The lease fulfillment becomes the responsibility of the Buyer and all lease payments go directly to BMW Financial who retains title.


Oh HELL no. A $76k markup?!? The car just came out and I doubt there's going to be an $80k markup at dealers. The only reason you'd pay that much is if you wanted one right away, and is it really worth $80k above MSRP to have it 6 months earlier?

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