Took the bike out for my longest ride so far yesterday, out for about an hour around town.

My wife said she was worried when I was out that long. I have a short trip - about 20 miles - out in the country to a client’s farm. It should be pretty after the rain. She doesn’t want me to take the bike.

I think I am going to take the GTI, mainly because there could be flooding, even though it is supposed to be nice. Also, I want to take Toby so he can see the cows. I do think his self-esteem might be in for a blow when he meets real working dogs.


Sunchaser is filthy. Next week, I am taking it to the paint guy, and then the interior guy. My door cards need restoration, and I am considering cloth for the seats because summer + black vinyl. Should I go yellow and black plaid?


My pal Cosme and I are taking the Sunchaser to Orange Cove next week for brake and light certification.  This should be an adventure.