An older man and woman had been married for over 5 decades. One of their favorite activities was taking a cruise in the man’s 1960 Chevy, a car he had owned since High School and the car that he drove to pick her up for their first date. They drove away from the chapel in it and brought each of their children home from the hospital in it. The vehicle was as much a part of the family as any inanimate object could be.

One Sunday while on a drive the conversation turned reminiscent.

“Honey,” said the wife, “Do you remember our first date?”

“Sure do, you wore that blue dress and we went to the drive-in.”

“Do you remember that summer? You would drive and I would cuddle into you as we went down the road?”

“Sure do. that was a great summer.”

“I loved sitting with you on this bench seat, so close and in love. I wish we still did that.”

The man looked over at her in the passenger seat, and down at the steering wheel.


“I didn’t move.”

He will be missed.