So after the AC system in the Freestyle shrapneled itself, my wife and I started looking at other cars. It will be the car my wife mostly takes to work but shared outside of that time. My wife wanted to look at some small hatchbacks and when we were at the dealer, I saw a C-Max and thought we should give it a try. My wife loved it way more than the Focus or Elantra GT. I didn’t drive any of the three, but I found the c max really dull. She mostly liked the infotainment and how quiet it was.

Truth be told it’s not a bad looking car but this shot makes it look way cooler than it ever does

The car won’t be “her” car but she will drive it more often than me. She really liked the C Max. And I can appreciate that we would have almost $0 gasoline costs Monday through Friday if she charged at work(which I think they have). And I do think being environmentally conscious is a worthy goal.


I had three things that made me balk at getting the C Max. The first and biggest is that it is eerily like our Freestyle inside, just smaller. It’s quiet, boring, and grown up. And my wife got really bored of that car and started driving our 535i as much as possible when I got my 944. Number two and three are that the C Max goes to the high end of our budget(it’s in budget but I thought to myself one day “if we are going to pay this much I wish I at least liked it”) and long term ownership experience of a hybrid. It also looks bad with a rack on it which we use a lot. My wife got kind of set on a hybrid/plug in once she drove the C Max.

See wildcard option below

My wife had originally talked about Mini Clubmans but there just aren’t many post 2011 minis around our town. A Countryman popped up recently and I showed it to her and she thought it looked cool and wants to go see it. But I feel like she’s just saying it because she knows I didn’t like the C Max. The theme here is passiveness because we are good midwesterners. I think she also wants to go look at a Fit.

This purple color is available nearby and that’s fun

What says Oppo? Should I shut my mouth and if my wife likes the C Max just nod in agreement and be happy it’s apparently “nice driving for a hybrid”? Happy wife, happy life method. Or since this will be our road trip/day trip car and probably what we get around town in generally as a family, should I share how I feel, because I’m a person too?

And for the wildcard n+1 solution. We split the budget in half, suggest she get a 500e(or maybe leaf) pictured above for her DD and we get something else for the family hauler that I find entertaining.

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