Was reading OPPO and "McSeanerson" requested this, so I figured out it could be a nice Introduction. Oh and its in good size/quality.

Hi My name is Hans Kuiper, I'm a fellow opponaut and have been reading jalopnik since 07-08 can't remember, I was 16 at the time.

I'm a car illustrator (or so I say) and well, I figured it was time to participate in this awesome world that is Oppositelock.

At the moment im living in some poor country in Latin America, and looking to achieve my dream, which is studying Industrial/Transportation Design or Automotive Engineering (I know, kind of different, but I'm good at math and with graphic stuff too! and well... I love cars).


Im 22Yo and looking forward to share my work with you people, and also uploading and sharing material from all the weird, quirky, crap cars I get to see around here.

Here have one illustration I made for a client.


I also happen to do videos (record, edit) for a local car club so theres that too!

Here's hoping for the best and for a good run here!