Hey, all! I'm back with an update on the current status of the livery tribute. Put a lot of work into last night. Ended up getting distracted and didn't get off until 4am, had to be up in the morning for work. Don't judge me. But I'm pretty sure I'm nearing the completion of the design, but I'm not entirely sure if something is missing or needs changed.

I've left the center stripe alone, but the sides were modified. AdrianW had a similar idea as I did, with changing the radius of the first curve to follow the body lines better. I believe that was a great improvement. The lines also follow the rear wheel well and connect around the backside. I also experimented a little with blue wheels, as Vdynamo suggested. I wasn't a fan, so that was scrapped. The top of the lines about the rear wheels may look a bit odd. The editor isn't nearly perfect, so I did what I could.


As always, let me know what you think. Is there anything I should add, change, scrap? Anything goes.

To Be Changed/Fixed: After looking at it again, I noticed the weird imperfection below the outside taillights. I'll have to go back in and fix that.