Dear Jalops,

today I took to the internets to find a used car with lots'a power in relation to it's price and miles on the clock.

Below my search criteria on

Output: >300 PS

Mileage: <150k (that is km, not miles)

Price: <€15k

Extra criteria: Car must be in driving condition, manual gearbox

Most cars that came up were people's personal "project: car hell"s - like Opels and Golfs that were tuned to oblivion. Obviously I was looking for something with more class. Next thing in line, Bimmers - lots of them. E36 M3, E39 M5, E82 135i, E60 535i etc.

And then I came across my dream car, the Maserati 3200/ GT - a 1999 model, 2001 model and 2006 model (without manual though) all below 100k miles. I love the shape, the sound the everything about this car. I love the rear lights of the 3200 a bit more than the ones of the GT, but that's just nitpicking.

The question is, how much pain will I have to endure with the car (in general)? How unreliable is it?


Here's my situation: I live in Germany's largest city and frankly speaking I don't need a car. Public transportation is pretty good (even though everybody likes to bitch about it), whenever I need to haul shit from A to B I get a rental or car-share. Driving for me is strictly a fun pasttime, thus it wouldn't be a DD. This spring/summer I'll finish grad school and return to work. Unfortunately, most of the time work does suck. Therefor I want to buy a "dumb" car that'll make my life as part of the machinery of capitalism less sucky.