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Mask off

Well, hood off anyway, some updates on rust and the dangers of buying a Wisconsin car

So it’s been 18 months since I bought the rover, and I’m finally getting around to fixing the rust issues. Mainly the front two footwells, the rear seatbelt mounts, and the area in the trunk where water gets in the tailgate. The rest of the body is really solid, the problem areas have gotten bad though.


I had to take the hood off to get to the cowl so I can take the front wings off. So many bolts and screws! And I definitely didn’t drop the hood on the hinges and scratch the crap out of it because I did it by myself standing on the radiator and engine block. Nope, not me...

Driver’s side floor

The driver’s floor is the worst part. There’s gonna be a lot of welding here which should prove challenging. The good news I think it stopped just short of the seat mount.

Driver’s side sill,

Inside A pillar base, all gone


A look inside the A-pillar from below


Passenger side. Actually looks like it’s been patched before. Hmmm

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