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Massively Excellent Girlfriend in the Passenger seat Video

This is the best girl in a fast car video I've ever seen. I want to preface that by pointing out this isn't another belt between the boobs bikini model sitting shotgun in a 1,000 Hp Evo IX. Although she is not hard on the eyes.


The driver is Formula Mazda and Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge driver Beau Borders. Sitting shotgun is his girlfriend Steph. He takes her for a spin during a track day at the Auto Club Speedway in a 370Z. I don't know what configuration they run but it includes part of the high speed oval, regardless hilarity ensues.

According to the video she says Oh my God 64 times in 12 laps. Plenty of great lines and the annotations are perfect. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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