Masters of the impractical

Im back from a lovely weekend of no cell service and high elevations. On my way into the money-for-time exchangers this morning I was driving next to a JLU rubi and thinking - “boy, thats a big vehicle”. I were right.

To scale - dimensional drawings of the JLU overlaid on an FJZ80.


JLU dimensions

Length - 188.4 (tip of bumper to spare wheel)

Width - 73.9 (without mirrors)

Height - 73.6

wheelbase - 118.4

Cargo volume - 72.4 (JLU rear seats folded)

seats - 5

Payload - 1235 lbs (JLU rubicon 3.6)

towing - 3500 lbs

FJZ80 dimensions

Length - 189.8

Width - 76 (including mirrors)

Height - 73.6

Wheelbase - 112.2

Cargo volume - 75.1 (2nd and 3rd row folded)

Seats - 7

Payload - 1620 lbs

Towing - 5000 lbs

As you can see they are pretty close dimensionally, the Cruiser is longer overall by an inch and the body (not counting the spare in the length) is about 6 inches longer however the JL has a 6 inch plus advantage in the wheelbase, the body is sightly wider and more squared off.


They are nearly the same length, wider, as tall and with substantially more wheelbase but the interior is still relatively tight. I mean, take a comparative look at the doors for example.

I guess Im just amazed they still feel as tight inside as they do. Its not like the doors are that much thicker taking up interior space as is the problem with many of these old to new comparisons.

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