We all know that a person's car choice will often reflect on their personality. How about we try to do it the other way? I'll give you a description of a person and you'll try to come up with a perfect car for them.

You may post cars that are reasonably within reach for the described person, or ones that aren't but seem like they would suit them perfectly (although I'd prefer you stick to the former choice). Also, try to stick to mass produced cars. I know that hot rods are cool, but I'd rather you keep it within reason.

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Person 1:

A man in his mid 40's. Unemployed, uneducated and with very little (if any) common sense. He has no income apart from alimony payments he receives from his estranged wife. He has never put in a honest day of work and doesn't even look for employment, he just spends his time looking for ways to sue other people so he can become rich. He has problems with alcohol abuse and has previously undergone psychiatric treatments. An extremely paranoid person he thinks everyone and everything is out to get him, yet he is absolutely faultless. He lives in a medium sized city and knows how to drive a manual, but has no interest in cars.


Person 2:

An active-duty US Air Force pilot in his late 20's stationed in Germany. He has just been deployed and needs a car that'll be both useable around town and cool. He is a moderate petrolhead and knows both how to wrench (or at least how to perform basic maintenance and simple repairs) and how to drive a manual. While it wouldn't be a massive problem if the car he got turned out to be slighty unreliable (as he wouldn't need to drive it everyday, and could bum rides from other people anyway), but at least a modicum of reliability is desired.