We all know that a person's car choice will often reflect on their personality. How about we try to do it the other way? I'll give you a description of a person and you'll try to come up with a perfect car for them.

You may post cars that are reasonably within reach for the described person, or ones that aren't but seem like they would suit them perfectly (although I'd prefer you stick to the former choice). Also, try to stick to mass produced cars. I know that hot rods are cool, but I'd rather you keep it within reason.

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Person 1:

A 75 year old man, 6'1", almost bald. He's a currently retired immigrant from an Eastern Europen country who came to the US around 1990. He holds an American citizenship and lives with his wife in a small rented apartment in a big city. He bought his car on the cheap not long after he first came to America and kept it since, even though he gets very little use out of it these days mostly taking it out when they go to big supermarkets. Since he has issues with his back he rarely goes out aside from trips to his local senior citizen club. He doesn't care about how a car looks, but doesn't like spending excessive amounts of money on fuel. If something breaks he's likely to attempt to fix it himself and break something else in the process. He can drive a manual but with age he started to prefer automatics.


Person 2:

A woman in her early 30's, 5'11", relatively short brown hair. She's a lesbian who lives with her life partner just outside of a big city. She's very slightly butch, but not enough for it to be striking. She's a very much a hands on person and works as a warehouse supervisor and manager for a big cargo delivery company, making a decent buck. Her daily commute is about 50 miles. Her partner, who is almost 10 years younger and very girly works within walking distance of their house and therefore doesn't have a car of her own. While neither of them can be described as a petrolhead, they love going on roadtrips together. She can drive a manual, but her partner who also occassionally drives her car can't. Neither of them has notable mechanical skills.