We all know that a person's car choice will often reflect on their personality. How about we try to do it the other way? I'll give you a description of a person and you'll try to come up with a perfect car for them.

You may post cars that are reasonably within reach for the described person, or ones that aren't but seem like they would suit them perfectly (although I'd prefer you stick to the former choice). Also, try to stick to mass produced cars. I know that hot rods are cool, but I'd rather you keep it within reason.

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Person 1:

A 27 year old male, 6'3", hair slightly past shoulder length, long goatee. He works as a primary school history teacher. He lives in a small flat (somewhere in a medium sized city) together with his wife (who's also a teacher at the same school) and a very recently born daughter. They're far from rich, and the fact that his previous car (a mid 90's Korean shitbox he hated and never bothered to insure against theft) got stolen, taken for a joyride by drunk teenagers and written off put them in a very uncomfortable situation. His interests include video games, paper RPGs and European history. While he's not overly bothered about what he drives, he'd rather not end up at the very bottom of the automotive food chain again. On the plus side, his previous car taught him how to drive a manual and perform basic maintenance. His wife doesn't drive at all and has absolutely no interest in cars; in fact she's slightly scared of them. He needs something that will take him and his wife to work every day relatively cheaply, but will also be proficient at grocery runs and safe enough to not make the wife panic about going anywhere with the kid.


Person 2:

A 17 year old female, 5'1", light brown hair just shy of shoulder length. High school student with a high GPA. She's somewhat tomboyish in the way she dresses and behaves (albeit she's not homosexual), prefers male crowds, and loves hanging around cars. She's been introduced to the regular crowd at her local drag strip by a friend and appears there whenever she can, even though she doesn't have a car to race and very little actual driving experience. Thanks to that she's soaking up mechanical knowledge at a brisk pace. Her family isn't really that well off, but they're not struggling either. Her parents have little interest in cars, but while her dad is understanding and supportive of her hobbies, her mother (an absolutely and terrifyingly terrible driver herself) actively hates the idea of her daughter being an avid petrolhead. Because of this person 2 is very rarely able to practice driving with family cars. She's been saving up money for her first car for most of her teenage years and managed to put aside around 3000 dollars. Her father may also be able to secretly contribute. Her first car must be fun and cool enough to satisfy her inner petrolhead, while also being reliable and practical enough to take to college halfway across the country. Her mother is also likely to veto the purchase of anything too obviously sporty because she perceives those cars as deathtraps and not appropriate for a girl. While person 2 can't drive manuals she's very eager to learn and would actually prefer one over an automatic (thanks to all the drag strip indoctrination).